Independent Presidential candidate Seán Gallagher has promised not to use roadside election posters during the campaign, calling them a huge waste of taxpayers' money.

Mr Gallagher said there was no need to litter the countryside and damage the environment with thousands of posters.

He said there were enough avenues in the election for candidates to get their message out unlike in a Dáil election, where some candidates are not well known.

In relation to Senator David Norris, Mr Gallagher said he understood how difficult it was for Independents to get in to the race and that was why he had handed back some of his council nominations.

He said the democratic process had to be fully inclusive.

Labour Presidential candidate Michael D Higgins has said he does not share Mr Gallagher's view that posters are a waste of money.

Mr Higgins said that having been through several campaigns, he knew the importance of the poster.

He said people can identify with them and said his overall campaign would cost €320,000.

Sinn Féin candidate Martin McGuinness said he understood his posters have been produced and would be put up shortly.

Earlier, Mr Gallagher formally handed in his nomination papers at the Custom House in Dublin.

He said that he was "delighted" to have handed in his nomination papers and that he was looking forward to the campaign ahead.

Elsewhere, Kerry County Council nominated Mary Davis.

Meanwhile, the Department of the Environment has confirmed it is not possible for a member of the Oireachtas to withdraw a Presidential nomination in order to switch it to another candidate.

Under the relevant legislation, the returning officer is obliged to accept the signature by a TD or Senator on the first set of nomination papers received.

If the same member signs another set of papers, the law requires that the second signature is ignored.