Minister for Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation Richard Bruton has said that the Taoiseach spoke for everyone when he expressed anger about the huge failings in the Catholic Church which continued to occur until quite recently.

Mr Bruton was asked whether the Government would be responding to the Vatican's request for details of its alleged interference outlined in the Cloyne Report.

He said they were now seeing the analysis coming from the Vatican and that would have to be examined in detail.

However, he said Enda Kenny had clearly expressed annoyance and anger that the Church had not got to grips with the problem of child abuse.

The minister said their concern had to be for the protection of children, both now and into the future.

They had to build on this record of failure to ensure they could have a successful relationship in the future, he said.

Mr Bruton said they were looking to the future as well as reflecting on the failures of the past.