Irish students who are in the United States have been advised not to travel on passports that have been altered in any way.

The warning was issued by the Union of Students in Ireland, who said tampering with a passport is a federal offence in the US.

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In a statement, the USI said that it ‘has learned that some Irish students, particularly those living and working in the United States for the summer, have been placing laminates on their passports' details page in order to change their date of birth and make themselves appear older.’

‘It should be noted that this laminate is easily detectable by border control officers and other personnel, inspecting travel documents.

‘The attachment of this laminate to passports compromises that travel document. Furthermore, its removal will likely cause irreparable damage.’

The USI has urged any student who has placed a laminate on their passport or modified their travel documents in any manner to contact their nearest Irish Embassy or Consulate immediately to arrange a replacement.

A list of contact details can be found on the Department of Foreign Affairs website.