A memorial garden dedicated to those who lost their lives in bombing of Dublin's North Strand was re-opened today to mark the 70th anniversary of the incident.

Relatives of those killed and locals who witnessed the bombings were among those who attended the event in the grounds of Marino College in Dublin.

German aircraft dropped several bombs on North Strand on 31 May 1941.

28 people were killed, 90 were injured and around 300 homes were damaged or destroyed.

It has never been established why Hitler's forces dropped bombs; if it was an attempt to force Ireland into war, or a reprisal for the assistance given by Dublin Fire Brigade during the Belfast Blitz.

Today hundreds of people took part in a walking tour of the area that visited some of the sites the bombs struck.

Later, the German ambassador and the Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin re-opened a memorial garden to the victims in the grounds of Marino College.

A project to gather an oral history of the bombing being compiled by Dublin City Council is continuing throughout the 70th anniversary so the events of that night in 1941 are never forgotten.