Some staff at the National Treasury Management Agency received bonus payments last year.

A spokesman said the bonuses were at 'a much reduced scale to previous years'. It is not known how much they received.

However, the chief executives of three financial State bodies, including the NTMA and NAMA, waived their bonus payments with a potential value of almost €900,000.

Senior management at the NTMA also decided not to take bonus payments.

Chief executives at the NTMA and NAMA are among best paid public servants in the State.

It emerged last year that former NTMA Chief Executive Michael Somers was paid just over €1m in 2008, of which €403,000 was a performance related bonus.

Following inquiries, an NTMA spokesman said the current chief executives of the NTMA and NAMA waived their bonuses last year.

NTMA Chief Executive John Corrigan could have received a bonus of up to 80% of his salary worth up to €392,000. His basic salary is €490,000.

NAMA Chief Executive Brendan McDonagh waived a bonus payment worth up to 60% of his salary, which could have been worth up to €258,000. His salary is €430,000.

Chief Executive of National Development Finance Agency Brian Murphy decided not to take a bonus payment of up to 60% of his salary worth a maximum of €198,000. His salary last year was €330,000.

The Minister of State at the Department of Finance, Brian Hayes, said he welcomed the move by senior management, but said it was worrying that bonuses are still being paid.