A developer has successfully sued a quarry company over damage caused by pyrite during the regeneration of Ballymun in Dublin.

The High Court heard that James Elliott Constructions had to spend over €1.5m repairing cracks to walls of the new Ballymun Central Youth Facility in 2009.

In his judgment, Mr Justice Charleton rejected claims by the defendants, Irish Asphalt, that the damage was caused by design defects.

The judge ruled in favour of the James Elliott Constructions, who claimed that pyrite in underfloor crushed stone infills supplied by Irish Asphalt had swollen and caused a 'heave'.

The judge said he will be holding a hearing to establish damages.

He noted that the cost of repairing the building was €1.55m, but 'multiples of that sum' had since been spent on engineering and petrographic investigations and on legal fees for a trial that lasted 58 days.

A previous High Court case brought by developer Menolly Homes against Irish Asphalt and the Lagan company group ran for 159 days.

But it was settled when Menolly Homes withdrew its action and a €25.5m trust fund was set-up to repair the damage to 671 homes in north Dublin.