Former Anglo Irish Bank Chief Executive David Drumm has filed a range of new documents to the bankruptcy court in Boston.

The documents show that Mr Drumm got a tax rebate from the Revenue Commissioners and is facing legal action from former Anglo shareholders.

It has been clear for some time that Mr Drumm's provision of documents in the bankruptcy case has not been acceptable to his creditors or to the bankruptcy trustee.

The trustee has been pushing him to come up with documents to explain how he has spent his money in the past.

Mr Drumm has now produced a slew of documents that give an additional insight into his finances.

He received €12,000 from the Revenue Commissioners as a tax rebate. In addition, he claims to owe his wife Lorraine $216,000.

In hearings up to now, the bankruptcy trustee has questioned him very closely on these loans.

Mr Drumm also lists a new court case against him for the first time.

The Anglo shareholders appear to want to sue him personally for losses they incurred when the bank's share prices collapsed and it was nationalised.