All charges have been dropped against a man charged with threatening to stab RTÉ journalist Fergal Keane outside his home almost four years ago.

Miley Connors, 40, from Glenshane Lawns in Tallaght had pleaded not guilty to threatening to kill or cause serious injury to Mr Keane, burglary and producing rocks with the intention of intimidating Mr Keane.

Fergal Keane and his wife Tara Buckley gave evidence yesterday of returning from a shopping trip with their children in late November 2007, and finding three men in their garden.

Their house had been completely and utterly ransacked the court was told.

Mr Keane said he had grabbed one of the young men when a fourth, older man approached him and threatened to stab him if he did not let him go.

He said his three children were screaming in terror in the back of the family's car.

This morning, Judge Pat McCartan ruled that evidence of an informal identification of Miley Connors as this older man by Mr Keane at an event in Dún Laoghaire a year after the alleged offence was inadmissible.

Judge McCartan told the jury he was not happy that the proper procedures had been complied with.

Prosecuting lawyer Vincent Heneghan then took instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions.

He told the judge that the DPP had decided not to proceed any further with the case and applied to have all the charges dropped.

Mr Heneghan said he could not give any reason for his instructions.

Judge McCartan allowed the charges to be discontinued and discharged the six men and six women on the jury.