A meeting of more than 300 Green Party members in Dublin has ended.

The meeting, which had been titled ‘Re-Gather and Refocus’, has been initiated by the members of the party, with the endorsement of the National Executive Committee.

It is understood that no firm decisions on the future of the party were taken at the gathering, which focused on giving members a chance to put forward ideas and views on the party's next steps.

Senator Mark Deary said there was a real sense of ownership within the party and that people were willing to work for the party as they believe it is a party which has a very significant contribution to make again.

Mark Deary said the issue of the leadership model was discussed, but the question of who the new leader should be was not.

He said there was no sense of a power grab going on and leadership aspirations would wait for another day.

The Senator said the party's focus was now the local elections of 2014.

Mark Deary has said the meeting was very much forward looking and while there were some criticisms voiced, it hadn't been a day of recriminations.

The meeting was the first since the party's six TDs all lost their seats in the General Election.

It is also the first gathering since party leader John Gormley announced he would be standing down as leader.

Speaking on his way into the meeting, Mr Gormley said he did not regret entering government with Fianna Fáil and insisted that the Greens still have a future.

Former Green Party minister Eamon Ryan said he was not ruling himself in or out as a candidate to replace Mr Gormley.

Paul Gogarty said the party needs to be a little bit humble for a while, talk amongst itself and come out fighting.

But he added that the party must not have a swagger of arrogance about it that it was somehow a wronged party.

‘We got a kicking’ he said. ‘And we have to take that kicking with good grace.’

The meeting was limited to 300 attendees because it involves a round table format, with a maximum 30 tables of 10 delegates.

The main ideas will be fed into a subsequent meeting which will coincide with the party's AGM in May.