The Finance Bill, which gives legal effect to measures announced in the Budget, has been published.

Finance Bill / Explanation of measures / List of items

It includes an effective deferral into next year of the curtailment of tax reliefs on section 23 properties.

The Finance Bill makes legal changes to the tax codes to give effect to changes such as the 10% reduction in tax credits and income tax bands and the introduction of the Universal Social Charge.

It also goes ahead with controversial plans to curtail tax reliefs on Section 23 properties, but only after an impact assessment, which will delay the change until next year.

Tax relief for student charges and fees will be curtailed also - there will be no tax relief on the first €2,000 of charges for full time students, the first 1,000 for part-time students.

And there is a clamp down on business tax loopholes, such as a ban interest tax relief on intra company purchases.

Self employed income tax and capital gains tax will be payable in September, not October - but tax can be paid by credit card.

A replacement for the business expansion scheme will enable all businesses to raise extra investment funds - provided they increase employment, while favourable tax treatment will be extended for IFSC companies involved in the securitisation of carbon credits, commodities and aircraft leases.