Drugs with an estimated street value of €800,000 have been seized in two operations in Dublin and Meath.

Two men were arrested during what gardaí described as a drugs handover in Dublin. 10kg of cannabis was recovered.

The two men, aged 32 and 38, were arrested at Newland's Cross.

Two cars and 10kg of cannabis were seized at the scene. In a follow-up search at an apartment in Clonee, gardaí discovered 1kg of cocaine, another 25kg of cannabis and four blocks of cannabis resin.

Gardaí say the drugs have an estimated street value of €500,000.

A cocaine mixing factory was discovered at the scene along with mixing and packaging paraphernalia and an industrial compressor.

The two men are being questioned at Clondalkin Garda Station and can be held for up to a week.

A separate, ongoing investigation into the trafficking of cocaine into Ireland by South American cartels, which led to the seizure of €1m worth of cocaine last week, has also led to another seizure.

Gardaí discovered 4kg of high-purity cocaine at a hotel in Dublin.