Aer Lingus is to cancel 34 flights between Dublin, the UK and continental Europe on Thursday because of the cabin crew dispute.

The flights cancelled involve 17 round trips, but transatlantic flights are not being cancelled.

Some 2,700 people will be affected and Aer Lingus says passengers will receive text alerts.

Flights from Cork and Shannon have not been affected so far in the three days since the dispute began.

Aer Lingus has confirmed that 82 cabin crew employees have now been suspended in the row over new rosters.

So far 120 staff have refused to operate the new rosters, which they say have been introduced without agreement and will cause excessive hardship for employees.

The airline cancelled six return flights today on the Frankfurt, Madrid, Malaga, Amsterdam, London Heathrow and Rome.

The cabin crew union IMPACT has accused the airline of a confrontational approach and said members were available to work their old rosters.

The union called on the Labour Relations Court to intervene to resolve the row.

However, Aer Lingus described the proposal as a cynical attempt to backtrack and ruled out any further talks.

Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey acknowledged that Aer Lingus needs to secure savings, but said passengers should not be inconvenienced.

He urged both sides to engage with the industrial relations mechanisms of the State.

The details of the flights affected are as follows:

- EI 202 Dublin to Manchester and EI 203 Manchester to Dublin

- EI 262 Dublin to Birmingham and EI 263 Birmingham to Dublin

- EI 562 Dublin to Barcelona and EI 563 Barcelona to Dublin

- EI 630 Dublin to Brussels and EI 631 Brussels to Dublin

- EI 520 Dublin to Paris and EI 521 Paris to Dublin

- EI 692 Dublin to Dusseldorf and EI 693 Dusseldorf to Dublin

- EI 330 Dublin to Berlin and EI 331 Berlin to Dublin

- EI 154 Dublin to London Heathrow and EI 155 London Heathrow to Dublin

- EI 604 Dublin to Amsterdam and EI 605 Amsterdam to Dublin

- EI 552 Dublin to Lyons and EI 553 Lyons to Dublin

- EI 392 Dublin to Hamburg and EI 393 Hamburg to Dublin

- EI 484 Dublin to Lisbon and EI 485 Lisbon to Dublin

- EI 656 Dublin to Frankfurt and EI 657 Frankfurt to Dublin

- EI 664 Dublin to Vienna and EI 665 Vienna to Dublin

- EI 648 Dublin to Zurich and EI 649 Zurich to Dublin

- EI 176 Dublin to London Heathrow and EI 177 London Heathrow to Dublin

- EI 256 Dublin to Edinburgh and EI 257 Edinburgh to Dublin