Former Anglo Irish Bank Chief David Drumm has told a bankruptcy hearing in Boston that he gave his wife hundreds of thousands of euro.

The transfer happened just as the banking crisis was becoming apparent in 2008.

When, asked about his response to the Irish people on his way into the hearing he said they were lovely people but had no further comment.

He is the subject of a number of enquiries, including a new one by an accountancy body in Ireland.

The former chief executive of Anglo Irish is bankrupt and his former employer and a host of others are chasing him for millions owed.

However, he is countersuing Anglo Irish Bank saying they have not paid him salary and bonuses he is entitled to have.

The independent bankruptcy trustee says there is some merit in his case against Anglo Irish Bank but today, they concentrated on what Mr Drumm has been doing with his money.

His salary and bonuses from Anglo run into millions and he was questioned in detail about exactly what he did with all the cash.

David Drumm's testimony showed that when the bank was getting into serious trouble towards the middle and end of 2008 he was still earning tens of thousands of euro in salary and hundreds of thousands of euro in bonuses.

Towards the end of that period he transferred hundreds of thousands of euro to his wife Lorraine.

Mr Drumm also says that the money he invested in his new Boston business, came entirely from his wife. The bankruptcy administrator pointedly asked Mr Drumm if his wife got any money apart from the cash he gave her. He replied that she didn't.

However, she may have some more money soon. The court is selling his house in Chatham in Cape Cod for $5.5m.

She will get half of that and most of the rest will go to settle David Drumm's debts.