One person has died and two have been injured in two almost simultaneous explosions in central Stockholm.

Swedish news agency TT said that it and the Security Police had received an email about ten minutes before two explosions in the capital city, Stockholm.

The agency said the mail had sound files in both Swedish and Arabic attached.

It said that the voice on the sound file addressed Sweden and the Swedish people and talked about Sweden's silence over the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed by artist Lars Vilks and Sweden's presence in Afghanistan.

TT quoted the man on the sound file as saying; 'Our actions will talk for themselves. As long as you do not end your war against Islam and humiliation of the prophet and your stupid support for the pig Vilks.'

The first blast in the car left two people in need of hospital treatment for minor injuries, said emergency services spokesman Bengt Norberg.

A second alert was received two minutes later and one person was found dead at the scene of the second blast which took place in the street, he added.

Media reported scenes of panic in the busy Christmas shopping areas with people fleeing amid smoke and the smell of explosives.