Forensic experts have uncovered 14 bodies of victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre and expect more from a new mass grave found in eastern Bosnia.

'We assume the bodies belong to the victims of the Srebrenica massacre from July 1995,' said Lejla Cengic, a spokeswoman for Bosnia's Institute for Missing Persons. 'We expect to find more bodies. The search will continue.'

Bosnian Serb forces, led by fugitive General Ratko Mladic, killed more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys after capturing the United Nations 'safe zone' of Srebrenica in July 1995.

The massacre is seen as Europe's worst atrocity since World War Two.

Mladic, who has been indicted on genocide charges in Srebrenica by the UN war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, is still on the run and believed to be hiding in Serbia.

Ms Cengic said the grave in the village of Kaldrmica is most probably the primary mass grave, meaning that the victims were buried at the site of execution, as opposed to secondary graves, where victims were transferred later to cover the crime.

'Each new grave that is being opened is a new hope for us to find our dearest,' said Munira Subasic, who is still searching for her youngest son. 'I pray to find my son here, because this is a primary grave and the bodies are complete.'

So far, around 6,500 Srebrenica victims, who were exhumed from hundreds of mass graves scattered across the eastern Bosnia, have been identified.

About 4,500 of them have been buried in a joint cemetery near the town.