Former Anglo Irish Bank Chief Executive David Drumm has testified under oath at the offices of a legal firm in the US.

Mr Drumm answered detailed questions in Boston about his children's Christmas gifts and other assets his creditors might seize.

Anglo Irish Bank is suing Mr Drumm for the repayment of loans and it will question him in a separate hearing in mid-January.

Mr Drumm has two weeks to produce documents relating to his own affairs and his residency status in the US.

It follows his examination by the court appointed trustee, Kathleen Dwyer, whose job it is to extract the maximum amount from Mr Drumm's estate and distribute it to the creditors.

She got significant information from Mr Drumm yesterday, including the fact that he has sold his expensive cars and now drives a used Ford worth $1,000.

He was asked if he had bought any expensive gifts worth more than $500 and Mr Drumm said he had not, except for some computers.

Mr Drumm was also questioned about the $210,000 he claims he owes his wife.

She put that money into the new company which he now runs, Mr Drumm claimed.

That company specialises in debt restructuring.

Mr Drumm will next have to appear in front of lawyers for Anglo Irish Bank who want to question him further about his income and about how he came to live in the US.