Farmers in Cork have called on Cork County Council to re-consider its decision not to distribute grit to local communities, so that they can clear roads which the Council is not treating.

Cork County Council has said that it cannot supply grit to community groups because they have not been given the appropriate health and safety training to spread the grit safely.

A similar system is operating across the county bounds in Kerry without problems.

Grit has been given to local farmers to treat the minor roads which the council's gritting trucks simply cannot reach.

Kerry County Council has been operating 50 grit sites across Kerry this week and has no fears about health and safety there.

But at Coppeen in west Cork, ice-bound farmers are furious because Cork County Council is refusing to supply them with grit to treat their roads on health and safety grounds.

Cork County Council says it is trying to organise half-day health and safety courses for communities who want to clear their own roads.

The council cannot say when these courses will be in place but, there will be no free grit for these groups.