There are fears that flooding may occur in both the east and west of the country over the weekend because of high tides and storm force winds.

Flood alerts have been issued in Dublin, Galway and Cork, while emergency services are being put on standby in Waterford.

Motorists and property owners have been warned that the situation is likely to be at its most serious on Sunday and Monday.

Met Éireann says an active weather system is heading for the Irish coast.

High tides, storm force winds and low barometric pressure are forecast in the North Atlantic.

The situation is expected to be at its most serious late on Sunday and on Monday.

AA Roadwatch has advised motorists to slow down and be aware that cross winds may cause hazardous conditions.

Due to the potential for heavy rain coupled with high tides, there is also a risk of flooding along all coasts.

Dublin City Council has also issued a flooding notice for the capital warning about winds of up to 100km/h.

Temporary defences against rising waters are being erected.

The Council says local road closures may also be required and these will be identified as the high winds near the coast.

It says car parks on the seafront at Clontarf and Sandymount will be closed from Sunday until Monday evening and motorists have been advised not to park their cars in these areas.

Fingal County Council has also issued a flood warning and has said it has a limited number of sandbags available for delivery.

Shop owners in low lying areas of Galway city were busy throughout the day putting sand bags and other flood defences in place around their premises.

The city council earlier warned that the first risk of flooding was at high tide at 4pm.

Council workers have been distributing sandbags and putting barriers in place in the area between the Spanish Arch and the Claddagh.

There has also been a precautionary tidal flood alert issued for Cork City.

Tidal surges are anticipated between 5.43am and 6.04pm on Sunday and between 5.25am and 6.45pm on Monday.

Elsewhere, Clare County Council has urged homeowners and businesses to take ‘precautionary steps’ in light of Met Éireann’s weather advisory.

Any alerts will be issued through RTÉ broadcasting and on the RTÉ website.