Six people, including four British tourists, were killed when their sightseeing plane crashed near Peru's Nazca Lines yesterday.

The Air Nasca plane crashed at about 4.15pm local time (10.15pm Irish time) in the desert near Nazca, about 440km south of Lima.

The two pilots and four passengers were killed.

Peru's Ministry of Transport and Communications announced officials were investigating the cause of the crash.

Several planes that have flown over the Nazca Lines, a series of massive geoglyphs carved in the desert, have crashed in recent years.

Six tourists and a pilot were killed in February when their plane crashed on a similar sightseeing tour.

The Nazca Lines, designed between 2,200 years and 1,300 years ago, are so large they are best seen from the air.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site includes dozens of drawings of spiders, monkeys, fish and llamas that stretch hundreds of metres across.