A former Israeli soldier has caused uproar after she posted pictures of herself in front of blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinians on a social networking site.

Eden Abargil appeared mystified by the furore saying on Israel's army radio: 'What's wrong with that? I don't understand.

'There was no violence in the pictures.'

The 20-year-old posted pictures on Facebook showing her smiling and posing in front of three prisoners blindfolded and cuffed, with a caption that said: 'The army, the best time of my life.'

The military criticised Ms Abargil's behaviour.

'This was shameful behaviour by the soldier. In light of the fact that she was discharged last year, all of the details have been turned over to the commanders for further attention', an official army statement said.

The images were first broadcast on Israeli public television late yesterday, prompting an angry response from rights campaigners.

'This reflects an attitude which has become the norm and consists in treating Palestinians like objects, not like human beings', said the head of the Israeli Committee Against Torture, Yishai Menuchin.