Police in Northumbria have offered a reward of £10,000 for information leading to the capture of a fugitive who allegedly shot three people, one fatally.

The PSNI has sent 20 armoured Mitsubishi Shoguns cars to England to aid police involved in the search for Raoul Moat.

Mr Moat has been on the run since the shootings in northeast England on Saturday.

A tent, which it is believed he had been using, has been found at a spot near the town of Rothbury.

At a news conference, Detective Chief Supt Neil Adamson said a second letter was found in the tent addressed to his former partner, Samantha Stobbart, 22, who was one of the gunman's victims and who remains critically ill in hospital.

The father of Ms Stobbart pleaded with the gunman today to hand himself in.

In a heartfelt appeal in a local newspaper, Paul Stobbart said: 'Raoul, son, please this has to stop, we don't want anyone else hurt, nee more son.'

In the letter, published in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle, Mr Stobbart pleaded with the father of his granddaughter to think about her.

'Raoul, everything you are doing is jeopardising my relationship with my grandchildren - you know they mean the world to me. They are my life, simple as that,' he said.

'You know, Raoul, the children are number one, nothing will happen to them. I will make sure of that. What sort of legacy is this for your daughter?'

Mr Moat, 37, is accused of shooting three people, one of whom died, since he was released from prison last week.

He has also sent a note to police saying that he 'won't stop until he is dead'.

The breakdown of his relationship with Ms Stobbart is believed to have triggered his rampage.