A bank official has been abducted during a robbery at a Dublin bank this afternoon where up to €200,000 was taken.

A second man, who was taken hostage, was later released unharmed.

Three armed and masked men forced their way into the bank official's home in Deerpark, Kiltipper, south Dublin, at around 1.30am and took the two men hostage.

The AIB employee was told to go to the branch at Crumlin Cross and take out a large sum of money.

Gardaí said the bank official, operating under duress, went to the bank as instructed and on to a specified location where he handed over a of sum money.

The second man was released unharmed in Portmarnock, Co Dublin, at around 1.30pm.

Gardaí said that both men have been through a traumatic experience.

AIB has refused to comment on the incident.

A spokesperson would not say whether the protocols agreed between the financial institutions were adhered to in this case.