Residents in a street in east Belfast have claimed roof tiles on two of their homes were dislodged by a low-flying plane yesterday afternoon.

The two houses are at Oval Court off Mersey Street.

It is the second similar incident in the past nine months, according to a residents' group.

A spokeswoman for George Best Belfast City Airport said a representative had been to the houses to inspect them.

She added that the air traffic control department was carrying out an investigation and would be taking the necessary steps to measure the plots of the aircraft at the time of the incident.

She said they could therefore not come to a conclusion about the cause of the damage until they received the findings of this investigation.

The spokeswoman added that Belfast City Airport took such incidents extremely seriously and were happy to continue to engage with both households with regard to further support and repairs of the roof damage as a measure of goodwill.

The chair of Belfast City Airport Watch, Dr Liz Fawcett, said the residents' group was alarmed by the incident.

She said it raised serious questions about the safety of the current flight trajectories of aircraft flying into and out of the City Airport, and the current scale of operations there.