The presidents of NUI Galway and Athlone Institute of Technology have said new systems have been implemented to ensure there is no repeat of an incident in which a lecturer held two fulltime posts simultaneously in both institutions.

The lecturer in question resigned from both posts in November 2007 after it emerged that he had been employed by NUI Galway and AIT on a fulltime basis since May 1999.

He had started work at AIT at the beginning of that academic year.

The lecturer was earning between €60,000 and €65,000 at NUIG and over €81,000 at AIT.

His pension contributions to NUI Galway have been returned and he is not entitled to any pension there.

He is entitled to his pension at AIT having paid into the scheme while a member of staff there.

President of NUI Galway James Browne told the Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee it was unheard of that a lecturer would continue in their old post while pursuing a new one.

Prof Browne said all lecturers were required to carry out research outside of their teaching hours and that the lecturer in question had been neglecting his research obligations. This was how the situation came to light.

President of AIT Ciaran Ó Cathain said the lecturer had fulfilled his teaching and tutorial obligations throughout his period of employment there.

Fine Gael's Jim O'Keefe said he was intrigued that neither institution had noticed the situation over a ten-year period.

The Committee was suspended for a Dáil vote.