Dublin City Council has asked central government for extra funding to keep open three swimming pools threatened with closure by the end of July.

The council says it cannot afford the €1m it costs to operate the pools at Sean McDermott St, Crumlin and Coolock.

A spokesman said the council is still engaged with local groups and pool users to find alternative funding but no viable source has yet been found.

In a recent report the council said it had written to the Minister for Tourism, Culture & Sport for financial assistance in keeping the pools open.

Leader of the Fianna Fáil group of city councillors, Mary Fitzpatrick has called on the City Manager to convene a meeting of political group leaders so that the council estimates can be revised and funding allocated.

She blamed Fine Gael and Labour councillors for agreeing to the estimates that led to the pools' closure.

'I opposed those estimates because in essence they sought to remove valuable amenities from socially disadvantaged areas while at the same time allowing free parking for Grafton Street shoppers.'

Labour group leader Cllr Kevin Humphreys said the estimates had provided an extra €600,000 to keep the pools open to the end of July.

He said alternative funding is still being sought.