The family of a Cork man who was badly beaten in Sydney and who was in a coma for several months has expressed disappointment at the court verdict over the incident.

29-year-old David Keohane was living in Sydney and working as a flooring contractor.

He was attacked on the street as he made his way home in August 2008.

Mr Keohane spent seven months in a coma before waking up on St Patrick's Day last year.

The jury found Thomas Issako not guilty of attempted murder. The 21-year-old had admitted robbing and causing grievous bodily harm to Mr Keohane.

The court said it would deal with the robbery and assault charges later.

Members of Mr Keohane’s family were in the court in Sydney today to hear the verdict and expressed their disappointment afterwards.

The family say Mr Keohane is recovering but will never be the same.

Tom Keohane, David's father, spoke to reporters outside the court and said: 'I feel it's my son who has been given a life sentence.'

He added that he hopes 'the judge comes down hard on this guy for the attempted robbery and wounding, and I hope he rots in [expletive] hell.'

A second man who was involved in the assault on David Keohane is still on the run.