Rescuers have reportedly pulled a teenage girl from under the rubble a house in Haiti, 15 days after the devastating earthquake.

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The girl was discovered near a school in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

She was said to be severely dehydrated and seemed to have sustained a leg injury, according to French and Haitian rescuers.

The happy event comes a day after US troops rescued a man from a collapsed building in Haiti's capital after 12 days under the rubble.

The 31-year-old man was not buried in the original earthquake - but became trapped following an aftershock.

He was pulled by US soldiers from a collapsed building and was treated in hospital for dehydration and a broken leg.

The rescue brings the total number of people saved to 133.

Meanwhile, there are reports of riots at food distribution points in the Port-au-Prince.

Shots were fired by police when a government food lorry was attacked by a mob in the Petionville area of the city.

Earlier this week UN peacekeeping troops fired tear gas outside the wrecked presidential palace when crowds overwhelmed a food drop.

Violent incidents are putting some people off going to aid distributions.

Food drops are being accompanied by US troops and UN peacekeepers.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defended the US role in the relief operation from charges of heavy-handed incompetence.

Amid claims that the US operation had been badly coordinated with other states and agencies, Ms Clinton responded that she 'deeply resents those who attack our country.'

20,000 US troops have been sent to Haiti to distribute food and water.

So far, the Irish public has donated more than €12m to charities to date to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Charities say this money will be used for immediate aid and for their long-term relief efforts in the country.

Concern has raised €4.5m, with GOAL raising €2.5m and Trocaire €2.7m. Red Cross, UNICEF and Oxfam have also raised significant amounts.