Green Party leader John Gormley has expressed confidence that the party will rise in the polls as people see the green agenda being implemented.

Mr Gormley was responding to an opinion poll in today's Irish Times, which showed that support for the Greens was down one point to 3%.

Minister Gormley said the party was at the same level of support it had last year, before very tough budgetary decisions were implemented.

The first opinion poll of 2010 shows a moderate rise in support for Fianna Fáil, while satisfaction with the Taoiseach and the Government has increased.

It found satisfaction with the Government is up 5% to 19%. Three-quarters of voters remain dissatisfied, while 5% have not made up their minds.

However, Fianna Fáil stays in third place behind Fine Gael and Labour, according to the Ipsos MRBI poll, which is published in The Irish Times today.

Fianna Fáil increased by 2% to 22%, Fine Gael gained 1% to 32%, Labour is down 1% to 24%, the Green Party dropped 1% to 3%, Sinn Féin is up 1% to 8% and Independents and others are unchanged at 11%.

Three-quarters of voters polled said they are dissatisfied with the Government's performance.

Satisfaction with the Taoiseach is up 3% to 26%, Enda Kenny is down 1% to 31%, Eamon Gilmore retains the highest rating and is up 1% to 45%, John Gormley is up 2% to 24%, while Gerry Adams gained 3% to 31%.

Ipsos MRBI polled more than 1,000 voters around Ireland on Monday and Tuesday.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen said the opinion poll is like any opinion poll, only an indication of opinion at any given time and is a snapshot.

Speaking in Clonmel this afternoon, Mr Cowen said the Government had a job of work to get on with and that was what it was doing.

On other matters, he said he was not aware of any speculation regarding a possible Cabinet reshuffle apart from the speculation that was in the media.

On the economy, he said he hoped there will be growth in the second half of this year, adding that the priorities at present were the restructuring of the banking system, which is ongoing, and supporting enterprise and job creation.