Up to 40 jarveys held a protest outside the entrance to Killarney National Park this afternoon.

They were protesting the National Parks and Wildlife Service decision this morning to deny them access to Killarney National Park.

This evening a spokesperson for Killarney National Park said that they had received a number of complaints from visitors about the protest.

A spokesperson on behalf of the jarveys said that they were not stopping visitors and planned to continue their protest.

They have offered that the Department of Environment purchase their permits and compensate them as a solution. An offer that could possibly lead to an end to jarvey trips in the National Park.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service say the jarveys continue to refuse to attach dung-catching devices to their jaunting cars in the park.

The issue first came to a head in July when the jarveys were stopped from entering the park because none of them were using the obligatory device.

Protests followed and the jarveys made an application for a judicial review, which is still before the High Court.

In the meantime, the NPWS allowed them back into the park in the hopes that a resolution would be found with the help of an independent facilitator.

However, the facilitator has now indicated that no progress has been made because the jarveys would not engage with him.