SIPTU has called for an international campaign against Coca-Cola over the sacking of 130 union member workers.

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola HBC Ireland decided to outsource the jobs.

For the last seven weeks, SIPTU has been picketing the company and this morning, workers protested outside Musgraves in Cork.

Retired official Paddy Cahill who represented SIPTU members at Coca-Cola for many years said the company was prepared to do whatever it took to achieve cuts, despite making over €200m profits in the first half of this year.

He claimed the media would 'clam-up' about the issue because of the huge advertising revenue derived from Coca-Cola.

He claimed that when the union tried to negotiate, the company said that SIPTU would not tell them how to run their business.

Speaking from the podium, he alleged that the company said they were outsourcing and did not ‘give two f**ks about the union’.

During the debate he urged members to ‘think before you drink’.