Survivors of institutional abuse who are now living in Britain have stepped up their campaign to be allowed to make late compensation applications to the Redress Board.

It is estimated that up to a third of all abuse victims emigrated to Britain.

One lawyer representing them told RTÉ News they should get what the Oireachtas has said they are entitled to.

Matthias Kelly QC said many survivors in Britain had not known about the Redress Board scheme.

After a recent visit to Britain, Minister for Children Barry Andrews told the Dáil that the issue of late applications to the Redress Board from Britain was ‘something that has some compelling virtue’.

Mr Kelly, who has handled cases at the Redress Board, said he was encouraged by the Minister's comments but that they needed to be translated into action before the Redress Board.

He said the advertising strategy which was adopted by the Redress Board for Britain was poor and that many survivors were simply unaware of the existence of the scheme.