A garda has appeared at the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court charged with making a false statement to gardaí alleging that she was attacked by a taxi driver.

The court heard 25-year-old Niamh O'Connor, from Rathnure, in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, had pleaded guilty to the offence, which happened on 28 December 2007.

She is currently suspended from work and will be sentenced on 9 July.

In court today, Sergeant Ronan Muldoon gave evidence that on the night of 27 December 2007, Ms O'Connor was socialising in Dublin city centre with friends.

In the early hours of the morning, she took a taxi home from the Camden Street area.

At around 4am, she rang Bray Garda Station, where she was stationed, in a distressed state. She told a garda colleague she had been attacked in a taxi on the way home.

A number of gardaí called to Ms O'Connor's home where she repeated the claim. The court heard she was intoxicated.

She showed her colleagues a ripped dress she said she had been wearing and her tights were also torn.

Gardaí were concerned because there had been a similar incident reported to them that night. They took the complaint seriously and began to seek CCTV footage from the area.

The following afternoon, Ms O'Connor made a detailed four-page statement at Donnybrook Garda Station.

She said a number of men, one of whom was in the car boot, had attacked her and that she fought her way out of the taxi.

She gave details of the model of the car, the colour and height and build of the driver and two other men she alleged attacked her in the taxi.

Sergeant Muldoon told the court Ms O'Connor had made a previous false report when she was intoxicated and had been reprimanded internally for this.

After she signed the statement, he said he asked her if she was satisfied with it.

When he warned her about its seriousness, she admitted it was 'completely false and total lies'.

Ms O'Connor told gardaí she had made the complaint because the taxi driver had given her a dirty look.

Her defence counsel Remy Farrell told the court she had previously suffered from depression and had not 'been right' since working at a fire where two firemen died in Bray three months earlier.

He said she had apologised for wasting garda time and was facing the prospect of being dismissed from the force.