Cardinal Seán Brady has said the outcome of last night's meeting between Pope Benedict, the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, and himself will be conveyed to the rest of the hierarchy.

Earlier this week, the two prelates discussed the Ryan report with seven prefect Cardinals who lead separate Vatican departments.

Through a spokesman Cardinal Brady said that the 45-minute encounter with the Pope focused mainly on the impact of the Child Abuse Commission report.

No statement was issued afterwards.

The Archbishops will convey the outcome of the encounter directly to the rest of the hierarchy at their regular three-day summer meeting in Maynooth beginning on Monday.

A news conference dealing with the papal audience will be held after their deliberations.

Cardinal Brady's spokesman said the number of senior prelates who agreed on short notice to see the Irish primates demonstrated the seriousness with which they regarded their visitors' mission.

Yesterday the two archbishops also thanked Pope Benedict for condemning as abominable acts of terrorism the murders last March by dissidents the murders of a policeman and two British soldiers in Northern Ireland.

They also discussed the Eucharistic Conference planned for Dublin in three years' time.