SDLP Assembly member Dolores Kelly has said she was threatened last night by a masked man while canvassing during the European election campaign in Co Armagh.

A second group of SDLP canvassers in the same area of Lurgan was also confronted by a youth carrying what appeared to be an airgun and also told to leave the area.

Ms Kelly said she was confronted in the Kilwilkie estate by a man who told her to leave the area or she would be shot.

Concerned about a second group of party colleagues who were in the same area, she rang them and found they had also been threatened by a youth.

Police said the circumstances of the incident are still being established and inquiries were continuing.

Ms Kelly, who is also a member of Northern Ireland's Policing Board, said she would not be intimidated.

'This is an affront to democracy - I am proud to be an elected representative for this area and a young thug like that will not deter me from my work,' she said.

'This type of person offers nothing to the community. There was a teenage girl with me helping me canvass. This person thinks he's being a big man by threatening us, but he's the opposite. A coward is too good a word for him,' she added.

Chairman of the Policing Board Professor Desmond Rea offered his support to Ms Kelly.

He said there was no room in our society for those who threaten in this way and the stance taken by Ms Kelly against such threats must be given broad community support.