The Taoiseach has said there were ‘no circumstances’ under which he would consider his leadership of Fianna Fáil.

Brian Cowen also said that the Government would survive next month's local and European elections.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio, Mr Cowen said he would sit down with the Green Party to review the Programme for Government after the polls.

Earlier, the Opposition claimed that the Green Party was preparing to leave what it called a ‘disastrous’ administration, after the Greens called for a renegotiation of the Programme for Government.

However, a spokesman for the Green Party leader John Gormley said the junior coalition party had no plans to withdraw from Government.

The claims were made in Fine Gael and the Labour Party after the leader of the Green Party, John Gormley, said that changing economic circumstances meant the 2007 Programme for Government needed to be renegotiated.

However Mr Gormley denied that his party was edging towards a withdrawal from the coalition.

This morning Deputy Leader of the Greens Mary White backed Mr Gormley's comments affirming that the party was not beginning an exit strategy from power.

Deputy White added that the Green Party was working well with its partners in Government.

The party says as long as its policies are being implemented it will continue to support Brian Cowen's administration.

Mr Gormley spoke to the Taoiseach last night and outlined the reasons why he wanted the agreement between the parties to be reviewed.

The Green Party says the plan is two years old and needs to be looked at in light of the changed economic circumstances.

It also says many of the policies it set out to achieve have been fulfilled since the party entered Government in 2007.

Mr Gormley's spokesperson said the coalition partners had worked well together, would continue to do so and that the Green Party would not run away from the problems the country was facing.

He said that Opposition attempts to drive a wedge between Fianna Fáil and the Greens were nothing new.

This morning, Fine Gael said the Greens now clearly realised the Government should be 'sinking without trace' and it was preparing 'to make its jump from that sinking ship'.

A spokesperson said it was a pity that the Green Party did not start making this decision after a disastrous Budget, rather than after a series of disastrous opinion polls for the Government parties.

Labour said John Gormley's call for a renegotiation of the Programme for Government smacked of trying to engineer some kind of exit strategy.

Last night, the Taoiseach said he was prepared to discuss any issues with the Green Party but he said the basic construct of the Programme for Government was as it was devised two years ago.

Mr Cowen said it was important that the plan was implemented and said the Government would focus on identifying priorities within the existing agreement.