Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has said his party will be the largest party in the next Dáil.

Mr Kenny also said that he will be the Taoiseach in the next Government.

Speaking on RTÉ's This Week, he also said the Labour Party are their desired coalition partners.

However, he fully respects the right of Eamon Gilmore and the Labour Party to keep their options open.

He said that while there is no voting alliance in place for the local and European elections, he would ask Fine Gael voters - as he did in the last election - to pass their preference votes on to the Labour Party candidates.

Mr Kenny said Fine Gael is now the party of ideas.

Their agenda is to move forward and turn the country around and take a different direction.

He reiterated his belief that Fine Gael is the party best equipped to create and protect jobs as the country battles the economic crisis.

Mr Kenny said that if Fine Gael were in power they would not increase the lower rate of tax and that everybody will have access to a college education.