Up to 13,000 members of the Civil Public and Services Union placed pickets on all Government departments and agencies earlier today.

A schedule for renewed talks on an economic recovery plan was expected to be made known today.

Representatives of the social partners are expected to hold preliminary discussions on a new talks process.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions published full-page ads in this morning's newspapers outlining once again its ten-point plan for social solidarity, which it sees as the basis for progress.

Yesterday, the executive committee of the ICTU accepted an invitation from the Taoiseach to re-enter negotiations.

The unions also called off their plan for a national strike next Monday over the Government's handling of the economy, but some protests against the public service pension levy are to go ahead.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet continues its deliberations on the upcoming supplementary Budget.

Ministers held a similar preparatory meeting on Tuesday and another is expected to be held tomorrow morning.

Issues such as borrowing, spending cuts and tax increases are being examined.