The Government is to rush through emergency legislation to correct a flaw in the operation of the Private Residential Tenancies Board.

The board mediates in disputes between landlords and tenants and was the focus of controversy last year when it emerged that some of its members hearing cases were not eligible to do so.

It is understood the current problems centre on another issue of eligibility and the new bill is due to pass all stages today.

The Opposition was only briefed on the situation late last night.

It is understood the problem arose within the PRTB and involves a technicality relating to the appointment of board members to the Disputes Resolution Committee.

The technicality is that members are not supposed to be appointed to this committee if they have less than three years left to serve.

Last month, the board became aware that appointments made a year previously did not comply exactly with the legislation, and that emergency legislation would be necessary to avoid the possibility of legal challenges to 118 cases.

Sources are confident the decisions reached in the 118 cases will not be affected.