The Minister for Foreign Affairs has described comments made by the Czech Republic's President after a meeting with Libertas Leader Declan Ganley as inappropriate.

On the second day of his visit to Ireland, Mr Klaus claimed the Lisbon Treaty would not enhance freedom and democracy and said he supported Mr Ganley, an anti-Lisbon campaigner.

Speaking on RTÉ Morning Ireland, Micheál Martin said every welcome had been extended to Václav Klaus, who is on a state visit to Ireland.

He said there was a private dimension to every state visit, but the very clear political comments made by Mr Klaus at a news conference were an inappropriate intervention.

The Minister said the Government knew in advance that Mr Klaus had controversial views about a number of issues.

Fine Gael has urged Mr Martin to register a complaint with his Czech counterpart over the remarks.

While Mr Klaus denied he was breaching the protocol of a state visit by speaking out on the issue, Fine Gael Foreign Affairs spokesperson Billy Timmins criticised what he described as inappropriate behaviour.

In a statement last night, Mr Timmins said the Czech President has created a very definite perception that he strongly sympathises with groupings and individuals who are opposed to Government policy.

Mr Timmins said he believed the actions of Mr Klaus in meeting in a very public fashion people who have opposed, not only the Lisbon Treaty, but every Government initiative on Europe, may well be a breach of long-established protocol.