A 36-year-old Dublin man has been jailed for ten years for stabbing a man whose intestines were left protruding from his body after the attack.

Darren Duff of Doon Court in Poppintree, Ballymun, was convicted last July after an 11-day trial in which ten witnesses and his victim refused to give evidence.

Judge Frank O'Donnell said he had no doubt the reason for their refusal was fear.

Duff was convicted in July after a jury heard how he stabbed a man who had intervened in fight he was having with a woman outside a house in Lucan.

He took a knife from the house and followed the man before stabbing him, leaving his intestines protruding.

But at the trial the victim and ten other witnesses who made statements to the gardaí at the time of the offence said they did not want to give evidence. Instead their statements were read to the jury.

Passing sentence Judge O'Donnell said he was not surprised there was no victim impact statement.

He said he watched the victim and other witnesses all give the same message with fear written all over their face and embedded in their composure.

It is the first prosecution of its kind using new laws introduced to prevent intimidation of witnesses.