A website which provides the official Irish language names of almost 100,000 towns, streets and post offices throughout the country has been officially launched.

The site, www.logainm.ie, is aimed at students, teachers, journalists, translators and others who need the authoritative Irish form of place names.

The Bunachar Logainmneacha na hÉireann is also designed to be of interest to people worldwide who want to know more about the heritage, culture and geography of Ireland.

Visitors to the site can play sound files of the pronunciation of place names in Cos Waterford, Galway and Donegal.

Many of the place names are also accompanied by scanned archival records from the Place names Branch of the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.

The site also contains a facility to translate lists of place names to and from Irish.

Logainm.ie is being developed by Fiontar, Dublin City University's Irish-language teaching and research unit, on behalf of the Place Names Branch.