Ryanair's AGM has been interrupted by a shirtless man protesting about the airline's environmental record.

The protestor, who referred to himself as 'Rob Mac' from Lahinch, Co Clare, said that people with genuine concerns about the environment were being laughed at by Ryanair.

The man approached Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary as he was addressing shareholders at a hotel in Dublin Airport, saying he represented a group of 'eco-loonies' called Plane Mad.

The protestor, dressed only in a pair of black trousers, accused the low-fares airline of lying about the damage the industry is doing to the environment.

Mr O'Leary said taxing air travel would have no effect on climate change or emissions.

Meanwhile, the company's accounts show that Ryanair does not expect to make a profit this year.

The annual report shows that because of rising fuel prices the low-fares airline will finish the year in either a breakeven position or suffer a loss of €60m.

Speaking to shareholders, Mr O'Leary criticised the performance of Aer Lingus, the Dublin Airport Authority and the Commission for Aviation Regulation.