Bank of Ireland has told RTÉ News that it will not be making public a report that it received this morning into the theft of four bank laptops last year.

Following a four-month investigation by the Data Protection Commissioner, Bank of Ireland confirmed that it received the final report into the theft of the four laptops from Bank of Ireland Life, the bank's life assurance division, this morning.

RTÉ News revealed last April that personal details of 10,000 customers was on the four laptops, which contained credit history, some medical backgrounds for life assurance quotes, addresses and bank account details.

All the material was contained on the four laptops that were stolen between June and October last year.

In a statement to RTÉ News, Bank of Ireland said it accepted the findings and recommendations of the report.

It said the Bank has 'taken a number of steps to increase the security on personal data, including the encryption of all laptop computers'.

It added that 'there remains no evidence of fraud arising from these thefts and, despite the fact that any such threat is extremely remote, the Bank is maintaining its vigilance'.

A spokesperson for the Data Protection Commissioner said that the report 'contains a number of recommendations regarding Bank of Ireland practices and procedures which we are satisfied that the bank has accepted'.