The jury in the Ennis conspiracy to murder trial has been sent to a hotel for the night.

After almost three hours of deliberations Mr Justice Roderick Murphy told jurors they could resume their deliberations at 10am tomorrow morning.

Sharon Collins of Kildysart Road, Ennis, and Essam Eid, an Egyptian poker dealer from Las Vegas, deny conspiring to murder PJ Howard and his sons Robert and Niall in August 2006.

Earlier, Mr Justice Roderick Murphy told the jury of eight men and four women that they must carefully consider all the evidence in the case however complex and technical it was.

Mr Justice Murphy began delivering his charge to the jury on Friday and concluded it today.

The seven-week trial heard the prosecution claim that Ms Collins hired a hitman over the Internet, paying a €15,000 deposit to have her partner and his two sons killed in order to inherit his wealth.

However, Ms Collins denies the charges, alleging that she was the victim of blackmail and was set up. Mr Eid also denies that he was behind the hitman for hire website.

The jury must consider a total of ten counts, including conspiracy to murder against both accused.

Ms Collins is further charged with soliciting Mr Eid to murder her partner and his sons.

Mr Eid is also charged with burglary and handling stolen goods.