The Ennis conspiracy to murder trial has been hearing evidence about phone records.

45-year-old Sharon Collins, from Ennis, and 52-year-old Essam Eid, with a Las Vegas address, both deny conspiring to kill PJ, Robert and Niall Howard between 1 August 2006 and 26 September 2006.

Ms Collins also denies hiring Mr Eid to kill the three men. 

The jury has been given details of contact between phones registered to Sharon Collins and phones belonging to Mr Eid in August and September 2006.

The court heard that on 20 August 2006 a phone registered to Mr Eid received 10 calls from Sharon Collins' Spanish mobile.

On 23 August, the same phone received 11 calls from Ms Collins' Spanish mobile, one lasting more than ten minutes.

There were also calls from a mobile phone registered to Sharon Howard to another phone registered to Mr Eid as well as calls from Mr Eid's mobile phone to Sharon Collins' Spanish mobile.

The trial is continuing.  It is believed it could last at least another week.