The Dublin Zoo's newest giraffe made her public debut today.

The unnamed Rothschild giraffe was born to her mother Susie on  7 June, but their relationship has been rocky to date.

Keepers at Dublin Zoo have to feed the calf with a bottle because Susie is not letting her baby suckle from her. 

However, zoo officials say other giraffes from the herd have welcomed the baby.

'We are delighted to see that the rest of the herd are showing a great interest in her, particularly her dad Robin,' said team leader Helen Clarke.

Located in the African Plains section of Dublin Zoo, the new calf (below) can be seen inside the Giraffe house for the coming weeks.

She will be introduced to the rest of the herd when the keepers feel the time is right.

The Rothschild giraffe is the second most endangered subspecies of giraffe in the world.




The unnamed calf's mam refused to let her suckle