Six UN helicopters have been allowed to fly deep into Burma's devastated Irrawaddy Delta to deliver supplies to cyclone survivors.

Five of the helicopters arrived in Rangoon on Saturday, and all of them have been allowed to join one chopper that arrived earlier, said UN World Food Programme spokesman Paul Risley.

Four more helicopters are expected to be allowed into Burma, which is also known as Myanmar, later this week.

More than a month after the storm, which left 134,000 people dead or missing and another 2.4m destitute, many survivors have not yet been reached and Western nations and foreign aid groups say the relief effort is being hampered by the country's military rulers.

‘There are hundreds of villages still inaccessible and this is what the helicopters are for,’ Mr Risley added.

Boats can reach them, but the helicopters speed it up.’

The helicopters are taking supplies from the World Food Programme's hubs and flying back and forth to villages.

By the end of tomorrow 26 separate villages will have been reached.