Fianna Fáil and the Government have seen significant increases in support, according to an opinion poll published today.

The TNS/mrbi poll in today's Irish Times shows satisfaction with the Government has increased by 13 points to 48% since the newspaper's last poll in January.

Support for Fianna Fáil is up 8% to 42%, which is around the same level of support the party had at the time of the General Election last year.

The Labour Party has increased by 3% in the poll to 15%.

But there was a drop in support for Fine Gael, the Greens, Sinn Féin and the PDs.

Support for Fine Gael decreased by 5% to 26%.

The Green Party is down 2% to 4%, Sinn Féin has dropped 2% to 6%, and the PDs have lost 2% to 1%.

Independents and others are at 6%, unchanged since January.

The poll was conducted on Monday and Tuesday.