The 'Beyond Endurance' Irish team of Pat Falvey, Clare O'Leary, Sean Menzies and Jonathan Bradshaw has reached the South Pole.

They reached the Pole at 7.28pm this evening.

World renowned Irish adventurer Pat Falvey (50) and his team made history when they reached their destination.

Dr Clare O'Leary (35) is also the first ever Irish woman to achieve this. The other team members are 42-year-old Dubliner Sean Menzies and 36-year-old Jonathan Bradshaw.

The squad has been trekking since November through some of the harshest conditions known to man, battling icy winds, constant sub-zero temperatures and biting snowstorms.

'We are excited at the thought of our journey coming to an end,' wrote Mr Falvey in his online diary.

'It's amazing how all the harsh times we have had on this expedition are starting to fade into the recess of our minds as success is on the horizon.'

Deputy team leader Dr Clare O'Leary, also from Co Cork, is the first Irish woman to climb Mount Everest and also the first Irish woman to complete the Seven Summits Challenge.

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