The Department of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that four Irish nationals were aboard the One-Two-Go flight that crashed on the Thai island of Phuket, which killed 88 people.

Ireland's honorary consul on the island of Phuket, Helene Fallon-Wood, has said that she believes three Irish nationals are being treated in local hospitals. 

The names of two of the passengers have been given as John O'Donnell and William Burke.

Officials are trying to establish what became of the fourth Irish passenger.

88 people were killed when the plane on a flight from Bangkok crashed as it tried to land in extremely heavy rain.

The jet, carrying 123 passengers and 7 crew, crashed in bad weather at Thailand's resort island of Phuket.

The airport has been temporarily closed.

Officials at one of Phuket's main hospitals said the crash patients they are treating include citizens from Ireland, Australia, Austria, Britain, Iran, Italy and the Netherlands.

Other hospitals on the island said they were treating people from the Netherlands, Sweden and Thailand.

The Bangkok Post reports that survivors including 11 Thais, six Irish nationals, six Britons, three Australians, three Iranians, two Swedes, one German and a Dutch national were admitted to local hospitals.

The MD-80 plane, operated by Thai budget carrier One-Two-Go, broke in two on landing.

It was flying to Phuket on southern Thailand's Andaman coast from the capital, Bangkok.

A civil aviation official said the airplane had asked to land but due to the weather, strong wind and heavy rain it is possible that the pilot did not see the runway clearly.

The exact cause of the crash is unknown.

According to The Nation newspaper in Bangkok, an Irish tourist, identifying himself as John, told the newspaper he was on board the flight.

'We sat on the 18th row. The weather was real bad and there were lots of unusual noises during the landing. Something was obviously wrong,' he said.

Speaking on Thailand's ITV television channel, he said the plane was trying to land in heavy rain.

'The plane was on fire, but I managed to get through. I might have come out on the wing,' he said.

He and his friend survived with bruises.

Phuket had experienced bad weather for several days, with thunderstorms and high wind gusts.

The Department of Foreign Affairs can be contacted at 01-4780822.